Writers Boot Camp Day 1: Even if you know me well, you don’t know this:

I’m a bit late to the party on this Writers Boot Camp thing but I figure, even if I’m too late to participate officially, it can’t hurt to participate just for myself.

This first challenge is a tough one for me. Given the nature of this blog (what there is of it) and where it’s going, I’m about to put all my deep, dirty secrets out there anyway, so it’s hard to choose what to share for the purposes of this post…

But it wouldn’t be a bootcamp if it was going to be easy, would it?

So here goes: Something you don’t know about me, even if you know me well:

I dream of being a successful product/furniture designer.

The only piece of furniture I have ever had a hand in making is a bookshelf my other half and I put together over a decade ago. But I have had dozens of brilliant ideas over the years and never had the means with which to see them materialise. And then I usually see those ideas featured in magazines and catalogues a few years later. It is a source of enormous regret for me.

I have a Plan, though, to make the life of my dreams happen. And although I know it’s going to be a rough ride getting there, I also know it’ll be worth every ounce of energy it takes, every social event not attended, every little luxury sacrificed, every late night worked.

Hey – look at that; Who knew I could be all silver-lining-ey!?

So, yeah. Now you know something about me you didn’t know before. Care to share something about you?


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