Writers Bootcamp Day 2

#Writersbootcamp Day 2: My 5 favourite words in English (or any other language)

This was easier than I thought it would be:

Serendipitous – I love the way this word sounds and what it means. It is possibly also the one word most likely to remain on this list for a long, long time.

Crustaceans – I first picked it up in my early teens, listening to The Pixies’ Wave of Mutilation. I chose that song to be my theme song and it stuck for several years. It’s just such an interesting sounding word for such interesting creatures.

Niente – Italian for “nothing”. I love the way it feels in the mouth, on the tongue. I recently discovered the song, Il Mondo by Jimmy Fontana, in which he sings the line, “E sono niente accanto a te,” which means, “I am nothing next to you”. Apart from the fact that it’s the only line I can remember and pronounce correctly, I’m also just madly in love with the song in general, which probably explains why this word is on my list.

Gabriel – My second son’s middle name, chosen because I fell in love in high school with Gabriel Oak of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd. To me, the name Gabriel belongs to a man of quiet strength, competence, sharp intellect and a capacity for kindness that is beyond the capabilities of ordinary human beings.

Incandescent – Such a beautiful word that really relays the intensity of what it describes quite perfectly.


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