Writers Bootcamp Day 4: I just couldn’t live without…

Wow. It’s amazing to really look at one’s life and realise just what you actually *can* do without.

I’ve gone without a lot of things in my lifetime so far and I’m pretty sure I could survive being without a whole bunch more *stuff*, too.

I can tell you that I’m a much nicer person to be around when I’m well fed and have access to chocolate when I want it. But I wouldn’t say I can’t live without it.

I gave up smoking quite easily, several years ago now, so that’s not it.

I’ve had my Life Plan derailed a couple of times before, lost touch with people I thought were more important to me than my own life, and moved on from that, too. So I reckon I could probably survive losing loved ones. (I know, I’m a horrible, horrible person.)

Which leaves the question, “What can’t I live without?” still pretty much unanswered…

I guess it’s got to be whatever that thing is that I draw on when life is utterly shit and it feels like I’m never going to be happy again. That something that urges me to get up again the next day and live. If I didn’t have that, I’d have killed myself long ago. So I guess I couldn’t live without that…


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