Writers Bootcamp Day 11: One food. One drink. For the rest of my life…

Okay, so are we talking one single item of food, no additives, sides, etc.? Or are we talking a complete dish, prepared with all the trimmings?

If we’re talking just one single item, mine would have to be salmon. It must be the single most nutrient rich food item one can get, and not only because of the essential fatty acids.

Drinks wise, it’s simple: Water. When I’m thirsty, nothing else works, and I’d rather be not thirsty for the rest of my life than drunk or full of sugar.

I thought about writing a whole scenario with this one, where we’re post whatever war has wiped out all the world’s major resources and living some distopian hell in the aftermath of it all. But I’m feeling pretty darn lazy tonight. And I have a chilled vodka & cranberry calling my name. And a randy husband….

So for now, that’s all, folks!


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